Here are three of our regular routes we have provided for example prices:

These prices are based on carrying no more than 16 people on a return journey.

Each route consists of one pick-up (From destination) and one drop-off (To Destination) – To arrange more than one pick-up or Drop-off please contact us before booking.

Tariff A refers to all routes completed before 02.00am and tariff B applies to any route completed after this time.

From                               To                                          Tariff A            Tariff B

Chester-le-Street           Newcastle                              £60.00             £70.00

Chester-le-Street           Sunderland                            £70.00             £80.00

Chester-le-Street           Durham                                  £60.00             £70.00

Johns Minibuses Blackpool Special:

The Weekender:

Chester-le-Street to Blackpool – Friday

Return Blackpool to Chester-le-Street – Sunday                           £400.00

The Short Weekender:

Chester-le-Street to Blackpool – Saturday

Return Blackpool to Chester-le-Street – Sunday                             £350.00